At Littleton Green Community School,  we are committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of our children & families.

We believe that a child’s welfare is of paramount importance; we are a child-centred school.

 Our aim is to protect and establish a safe environment in which our children can learn and develop.

Through our curriculum we teach children to stay safe and happy. We encourage the understanding that any problem or worry that they may have is legitimate, and to share their worries, big or small with their trusted adult; at home; school or with ChildLine.

All school staff receive regular safeguarding training. We also have three members of staff who have received enhanced training and who lead on safeguarding in the school:


Designated Safeguarding Lead                                        Deputy Safeguarding Leads

Mrs. L Thorneycroft                                            Miss E Kelly                   Mrs. S Andrews             Mrs. T Williams

Safeguarding Link Governor – Mr. R Pritchard


Our Procedures

The following procedures are part of our standard safeguarding roles & responsibilities:

      • Children know who they can talk to if they have a concern
      • All staff complete the Safeguarding Level 1 training
      • Safeguarding practices and procedures are included in the induction process for new members of staff
      • Recruitment of new staff is led by a member of staff trained in Safer Recruitment
      • Safeguarding leads complete Safeguarding training level 2 & 3
      • There is a safeguarding link governor who regularly monitors safeguarding procedures and internal practices
      • All staff are trained and confident in using our Safeguarding software to report concerns
      • Volunteers, supply staff and visitors to Littleton Green are introduced to our safeguarding expectations and procedures
      • We work closely to support all other agencies working with our children and families
      • We are compliant with Department for Education and local authority safeguarding documents and guidance


Should you wish to speak to anyone about Safeguarding at Littleton Green, please email us on 

You can also phone us on 01543 227570

Our Policies

Safeguarding Policy                                    Child Friendly Safeguarding Policy

Anti Bullying                                                Child on Child Abuse 

E-Safety                                                         Child Friendly E-Safety Policy


If during the holidays/out of school hours, you are concerned about the safety of a child or young person or see something in the community please report it to the Staffordshire Safeguarding Team.

  • Front Door Service (formerly First Response) 0300 111 8007 Option 1 – you will then be presented with further options depending on the nature of the enquiry. (Monday – Thursday 8am and 5.30pm and 8am to 4.30pm on a Friday)
  • Outside of 8am – 5.30pm, overnight, over a weekend and Bank Holidays, any child protection concerns should be directed to Staffordshire County Council Emergency Duty Service on (EDS) 0345 604 2886.

Anyone can make a referral. You could also phone 101.

We all have a duty of care.