Schools must publish the end of key stage 2 results.  

DfE, School Performance Tables – Link to performance tables 


 End of key stage 2, Year 6, 2023 

Including comparison to national and previous end of key stage outcomes 



At expected standard   Higher Standard   Average scaled score  


Sch 22  Sch 23   Nat 23   Sch 22  Sch 23   Nat 23   Sch 22  Sch 23   Nat 23  
Reading    80 87  75   20 13  29  104 105  105 
Writing    73 83  78   4 13   –    
Maths    82 89  76  15  21  24  103 105  104 
GPS     87 91  78   18 49  30  104 108  106 
RWM    69 77  59  2 2  8    


Phonics check, Year 1 

   Sch 23 

met required standard 

Nat 23 
Year 1  76%  79%



We are PURPLE!

PROUD -High achievement 

Littleton Green pupils make good academic progress and achieve well compared to their peers locally and nationally.  We focus on pupils’ attainment and progress from different starting points.

UNIQUE – Progress  

Every child is unique, each with their own abilities. We track progress from each pupil’s starting point:  Reception, from an initial assessment when pupils start school  Years 1-6, from Reception based on National Curriculum levels or assessment against national standards. 

REFLECTIVE – Assessment

At Littleton Green, we analyse the gaps in children’s knowledge and skills and use this information to adapt planning to meet the needs of all children. 

POSITIVE – Resources

We ensure that all children have the opportunity to showcase their learning and use a range of assessment opportunities for pupils to achieve. These include:

            • Statutory assessments at the end of each term
            • End-point products in our foundation curriculum
            • Regular quizzes in reading
            • Low-stakes quizzing within lessons
            • AfL during lessons
            • Verbal feedback

LOVING – Key groups of pupils 

Every pupil is important and we track their academic progress individually. We also focus on four key groups of pupils:

            • disadvantaged pupils who receive additional government funding known as the Pupil Premium grant
            • pupils with special educational needs
            • those pupils who need to catch up to their peers
            • the most-able pupils, typically with the highest starting points.

EMPOWERED – Attainment

We aim for as many pupils as possible to meet age-related expectations based on the National Curriculum by the end of each year group. Many pupils will meet these expectations during the school year and will start to apply their learning in different ways to work at greater depth.