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Hello I am “Barat”, which means “Friend” in Hungarian, and I am a Hungarian Viszla.  I work at Littleton Green School and I love helping children. I have been taking part in training to help me learn how to work alongside them.  Once I have completed my training, I can support with:

  • Calming children, particularly those with concentration, behavioural or learning difficulties;
  • Reduce stress, improve self-esteem and encourage expression and participation in all children;
  • Foster a sense of responsibility;
  • Increasing enthusiasm for and enjoyment of animals which will motivate the children to think and learn;
  • Encouraging respect and thereby improving pupils’ relationships with each other, parents and teachers;
  • Teaching children to nurture and respect life;
  • Helping children build confidence in reading, helping children who suffer bereavement or who are upset in any way.  

This prospectus will help you see that our pupils are Proud, Unique, Reflective, Positive, Loving and Empowered.

‘It’s a PURPLE thing’.

It’s that unique Littleton Green ‘thing’ that sets us apart. 



At Littleton Green, we encourage children to be proud of their work and the effort that they make to produce it.  We celebrate and reward successes throughout the curriculum.  For special achievements, children celebrate their triumphs with the whole school.  Parents also receive a “Good News” postcard, so they can be proud too!











































At Littleton Green Community School, we believe that all children are unique. They each have their own personalities, interests and needs. Crucially, we also believe that all children are good at something. We are committed to providing an effective learning environment and curriculum that will help every single one of our children discover and develop their talents and the thing that makes them unique!



Children at Littleton Green are encouraged to be reflective and to learn from their mistakes. Pupils are provided with opportunities to use and develop deeper thinking skills, to reflect upon their learning and to make changes to the work that they have produced.  In order for them to make a change children are encouraged to consider the implications of all of their actions and be critical thinkers and find solutions before choosing the right course of action.










































At Littleton Green, we encourage all members of the school community to be positive at all times; even when things get tricky. We praise children who don’t give up. Children are set work that stretches them and are taught that it is ‘good to be stuck.’ By staying positive and applying strategies that they have been taught children can become unstuck and become powerful learners.  Children see asking for help as a positive as we all need help at times.



Our curriculum provides children with the skills to recognise their place in local, national, and international contexts.  Our children are taught the importance of developing a love and respect for the world in which they live, the environment and plants and animals within it.  Children will also learn to love each other and themselves, empathise with others and respect other points of view whilst developing their own point of view which they can express with pride.










































At Littleton Green Community School, we empower children by equipping them with a toolkit of skills that can be used long after they have left our school.  Children excel in all areas of the curriculum.  The school has been graded “GOOD” by OFSTED, in part due to the good progress and attainment of pupils but also because pupils demonstrate the school values of being proud, unique, reflective, positive, loving and empowered in all that they do.

Educational Needs


We are an inclusive school and we see children of all abilities, talents and disability educated together. We aim to enable all children to participate fully in school life by teaching skills effectively across a broad and balanced curriculum using visual, auditory and kinaesthetic strategies.


The school aims to fully support any pupil with special educational needs or disability through:

  • Implementing effective individual programmes of learning.
  • Communicating openly and regularly with parents.
  • Ensuring maximum inclusion in national curriculum learning and in the social and emotional life of the school.
  • The effective and efficient organisation of support staff.
  • Implementing its policy for early identification and referral.




At Littleton Green Community School the health and safety of all children is of paramount importance. Parents send their children to school each day with the expectation that school provides a secure environment in which their children can flourish. Littleton Green therefore has to ensure that this expectation becomes reality. In order to do this, a wide range of measures are put in place.  Our safeguarding policies have been implemented to help create a safe and secure environment and to demonstrate our commitment to work with you to maintain it.

and Discipline


Behaviour and Discipline

The school has a clear discipline policy which places a strong emphasis on positive strategies and the use of praise. The schoolrules are:

  • Listen and be respectful to each other.
  • Be ready to learn and try your best.
  • Speak politely to everyone.
  • Look after the school building and everything in it.
  • Think how others feel, do not hurt them by what you say or do.