Aims of
Our School

Our Aims

We aim to motivate and challenge each pupil creatively and academically to take full advantage of the opportunities we provide while celebrating differences in personal needs, experiences, talents and potential.

We aim to develop sensitivity and awareness, encouraging everyone to treat each other and their environment with respect at all times. We want pupils to develop a sense of personal responsibility for their actions.

We aim to provide a safe nurturing environment in which each individual is valued and where everyone can work happily together.

We aim to provide a meaningful and enjoyable education for everyone where children will learn skills that prepare them for life. This means that we develop skills in reasoning, enquiry, creative thinking, information processing and evaluation as well as teaching children learning skills for life.


The children at Littleton Green Community School have agreed the following:

Our values are:

  • Respect for others
  • Trust
  • Politeness
  • Honesty
  • Being kind to each other
  • Care for the environment

We aim to:

  • Enjoy our learning
  • Do our best at all times
  • Learn to be independent
  • Value ourselves and others
  • Be part of our community, at home, at school and in the wider world
  • Be ready for the future.

We are:

  • “Learning to Achieve”

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SUAT supports and leads in the set-up of new academies joining the partnership.  The services provided by the central support function cover both educational and non-educational support.  In terms of educational support, SUAT is linked to the School of Education of Staffordshire University, which is an outstanding ITT provider.

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