At Littleton Green Community School, we have a single vision in mind: 

‘That every single child leaves our school, equipped with a toolbox packed full of knowledge and experiences that enables them to confidently shout: ‘I AM P.U.R.P.L.E.’ …and that they keep shouting it for the rest of their lives!’ 


Our PURPLE curriculum has been designed collaboratively by our subject leaders with the aim of building on what has previously been taught and learned to ensure that academic achievement, physical and mental well-being, growth of character and personal development are intrinsically linked to the purpose of equipping our pupils with firm foundations of the requisite knowledge, skill and strength of character needed to be successful in life. Our ‘PURPLE’ Values are set out to drive the curriculum and provide all stakeholders with an explicit understanding of the school’s vision in securing the quality of education for all pupils.  


Our curriculum is designed to:  

  • ensure Restorative Practice contributes effectively to building a self-regulating, self-motivated individual who consistently demonstrates respect, leadership and resilience when faced with adversity and challenge
  • provide an ambitious curriculum with an emphasis on developing ‘Sticky Knowledge’: the knowledge that will remain with our children forever 
  • provide a coherent, carefully sequenced curriculum in every subject area which is designed to enable children to know more and remember more  
  • promote children’s love of reading as well as language enrichment, through the use of texts to support learning and engagement across the curriculum 
  • meet the needs of all learners in order that all pupils realise their own potential through clearly planned and adapted opportunities for all pupils to thrive together and understand that individual characteristics make people unique in a positive way 
  • provide high-quality teaching experiences, which excite and motivate children in the classroom and beyond. Provide enrichment opportunities where learning and teaching can take place beyond the classroom and at times involve the wider community such as parents and carers. Use a wealth of relevant resources – in classrooms, outdoors, in the local community and the wider area, including visits and visitors 
  • ensure every one of our pupils understands and embraces modern British values.

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