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50 Things to do at home

19th March 2020

50 Things to do at home:

· Dance to your favourite song

· Make up a silly story

· Try a new food

· Learn to count to ten in a different language

· Make a meal

· Make someone laugh

· Help someone with a chore

· Make a boring job fun

· Find some hidden treasure

· Make a wish

· Draw a portrait of someone in your family

· Make up a new game and teach someone else to play it

· Draw a picture of what you can see from your window

· Look at the clouds and find pictures in them

· Make a den

· Play hide and seek

· Give someone a compliment

· Think of 3 good things that have happened today

· Look out of the window and list the wildlife you can see

· Bake something tasty

· Write a letter to a neighbour or friend

· Make sandwiches in strange shapes

· Learn a rhyme or poem and ‘perform’ it to your family

· Make and test paper aeroplanes

· Play I spy

· Play musical statues

· Have a toys tea party

· Be superheroes with capes

· Make a model out of empty boxes / containers

· Draw a ‘still-life’ picture of an object in your home

· Have an indoor picnic

· Leave happy notes around the house for your family to find

· Make shadow puppets

· Make up a dance routine

· Make up a fitness routine and put your family through their paces

· Find as many collections of 10 things in your home as you can

· Make a scrap book

· Do coin rubbings with paper and crayons

· Learn to cook something new

· Have an opposites day

· Have a PJ day

· Write a comic strip with you as the hero

· Count the shapes in your house – which shape are there most of?

· Wear a crazy outfit for the day

· Carry out an investigation

· Organise a treasure hunt write clues for someone to follow

· Tell your favourite story – do funny voices for the characters

· Play ‘What am I’?

· Hop everywhere instead of walking

· Make binoculars out of toilet tolls