PURPLE Curriculum

The curriculum at Littleton Green Community School is designed with a single goal in mind. That…

Every single child leaves our school, equipped with a toolbox packed full of knowledge, skills and experiences that enables them to confidently shout: ‘I AM P.U.R.P.L.E.’ ...and that they keep shouting it for the rest of their lives!

What does this mean? P.U.R.P.L.E. is an acronym which stands for the qualities that we believe all children need to possess to be successful in life.  It doesn’t just involve implementing a series of learning experiences, but is a complete values set that encompasses everything that we do. It shapes every minute, of every day, for every child and adult at the school. It is summarised in this table:


We want children to say…

To facilitate this, our curriculum will:

 In every learning experience, we expect to see that…


I am Proud. I am  proud of my work and the effort that I have made to produce it.

  • Provide lots of opportunities to celebrate very high quality work.
  • Provide lots of opportunities to celebrate effort.

Children take pride in the work that they are producing and the effort that they have put into achieving it, and this being celebrated by all adults.


I am Unique. I am an individual who offers many talents. Everybody is good at something.

  • Offer a curriculum that offers children a chance to develop a wide range of skills in all areas of learning.
  • Devote plenty of time to all  areas of learning, so children can showcase their talents.

Children of all abilities are  supported fittingly by all adults.


I am Reflective. I learn from my mistakes and get better  at things as a result.

  • Provide opportunities to reflect on learning and then provide opportunities to act upon it.
  • Expect all adults associated with the school to complete their own research projects. Everyone in school  must be seen to be a learner

Children reflect on their learning and benefit from high quality adult pupil dialogue which is based on accurate AFL.


I am Positive. I always try my hardest. If at first I don’t succeed I try, try and try again.

  • Provide lessons which really challenge a child’s understanding by delivering an age related curriculum to all children all day, every day.
  • Teach higher order thinking skills and a “it’s good to be stuck “ethos.
  • Provide praise, praise and more praise!

Children demonstrate appropriate strategies to achieve learning objectives which challenge all.


I am Loving. I respect and love the world that I live in.

I respect and love other people. I respect and love myself.


  • Provide a curriculum that places a high degree of emphasis on building mutual respect,
  • Provide a curriculum that enables a child to recognise that they can influence local, national and international communities
  • Have high expectations about the quality of the learning environment and of the child’s actions and attitudes within it.

Children profit from an climate of  mutual respect in which Positive Behaviour Intervention Strategies are applied at all times.


I am Empowered. I can overcome any challenge that comes my way because I own a toolkit packed full of skills and knowledge that I will use for the rest of my life.

  • Equip children with a wide range of skills that they can use throughout their life.
  • Ensure that every single stakeholder at the school sole focus is making sure that every single child leaves our school being ‘the best that they can be’

Children are fully focused on their learning and either acquiring new skills/ knowledge or applying skills/ knowledge that has been previously taught.


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