Year 6 Chestnut Mrs Howarth


Detailed below is the links to the planning that is administered and taught in Year 6 Chestnut class. 

Block 1

Block 2

Block 3


Proud of their work

Here are some of the best pieces of work from the children and detail about what they have been learning in this academic block. 


Class Blog

Ellie W

Every day I logged all the computers on in my class.And I shared my Ipad with the class so they could go on rockstar wich is a time table game[a maths game].If there is no internet on the computers I help them out by showing them how to turn the internet on.

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Ellie W

Im Ellie, the new digital leader for year 6 in chestnut, I wanted to be a Digital Leader becuase I felt like it was a great job to be doing for the school.And I wanted to attend club and help people out on computers if there stuck.

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🤑🤑Hi Ellie you are a great digital leader.🤑

crystal bh
congratulations Ell for becoming a digital leader i feel like you will make a differance to the school.

Kelly Wylde
I'm so proud of you ELLIE-ANN ,you are going to make a brillint digital leader and now your the eldest year group in littleton green i'm very sure you will do a great job in helping the younger years!keep up this great effort El😁😍👌👍xxxx

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Digital Leader

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Good luck with digital leader Ellie

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