Last week, a group of Year 4 and 5 children participated in Bikeability. Year 4 aimed to achieve their level 1, while year 5 aimed to achieve their level 2.
Year 4 learnt to maintain their bikes, control the pedals, balance on the bike and prepare to ride on the road. They did this with Miss Sephton and the Bikeability instructors. A child, who participated, said, “It was really fun!”.
Year 5 learnt to start and stop confidently, discover the road and road signs and ride on the road with other vehicles safely. They did this alongside Mrs Whitehouse and the bikeability instructors. One of the children quoted, “I really enjoyed it because we learnt to ride our bikes safely”.
Mrs Whitehouse said, “The children really enjoyed developing their road skills. It was joy to see their confidence and ability grow”.
Thank you to all of the adults that contributed towards this and well done to our junior bikers!

We are PURPLE!