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The choice of the colour purple for the school uniform is not to reflect what we do as educators, rather it's intent is to state and identify visually who we are as a school in a way that is much more far-reaching, encompasses more and is more organic that merely a list of subjects. Purple possesses a rich catalogue of meanings. Some are already an innate part of the make-up of our student whist others are traits, attitudes and a mind-set that we hope to embed alongside the effective delivery of an academic curriculum - into the thinking of every pupil.

We see in our pupils that they are creative, proud, passionate and powerful but they are also sensitive and sometimes a bit of a mystery; that's what our kids are like, we say 'It's a purple thing'. It's that unique Littleton Green 'thing' that sets us apart.

The 'purple thing' is then a visualisation of the understanding. We've no doubt heard, thought or even expressed the view our pupils are often 'little monsters' and sometimes the school experience can feel like being faced by a class of wild beasts! But inside each of our 'Littleton monsters', is something special, unique and different .... something 'purple'.

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Amazing effort from all children during Sport's Week at Littleton Green.

Lovely support from all of our parents.

Well done!

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daisy woodhouse
cool sadly I didn't go to sports day cuz I was ill

In sports week I have been practicing for sports day.

We are having a great time at the the moment.

I can't wait for my Sport's Day on Wednesday!!

I can't wait until Thursday because it is year 3 and 4's sports day!!!

barrat is good dog

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