Results 2017


I thought I would take this opportunity before the summer holidays to let you know our school’s fantastic results.
Firstly reception class have been amazing and their end of year scores are:
76% achieving a Good Level of Development (Age related) in 2016 the national score was 69%- Well done Reception class!
In year One children have been sitting the phonics test. We have had 89% of our children pass the phonics test, nationally in 2016 was 81%. A fantastic result year one well done.
In year two children have been sitting their KS1 SATs. This year our children have managed: Reading 89% (national 2016 74%) Writing 79% (national 2016 65%) and Maths 87% (national 2016 73%). A great set of results- Well done year two.
Finally In year six they sat their tests in May and results were released last week. This year our children have managed: Reading 88% (national 2017 71%) Writing 89% (national 2017 76%) and Maths 88% (national 2017 75%). We also have a combined result of 84% (national 2017 61%) An amazing set of results- Well done year six.
A magnificent effort by all children and all staff in all year groups, congratulations everyone.
Yours a very proud principal

L Small

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