I thought I would take this opportunity before the summer holidays to let you know our school’s fantastic results.
Firstly reception class have been amazing and their end of year scores are:
76% achieving a Good Level of Development (Age related) in 2016 the national score was 69%- Well done Reception class!
In year One children have been sitting the phonics test. We have had 89% of our children pass the phonics test, nationally in 2016 was 81%. A fantastic result year one well done.
In year two children have been sitting their KS1 SATs. This year our children have managed: Reading 89% (national 2016 74%) Writing 79% (national 2016 65%) and Maths 87% (national 2016 73%). A great set of results- Well done year two.
Finally In year six they sat their tests in May and results were released last week. This year our children have managed: Reading 88% (national 2017 71%) Writing 89% (national 2017 76%) and Maths 88% (national 2017 75%). We also have a combined result of 84% (national 2017 61%) An amazing set of results- Well done year six.
A magnificent effort by all children and all staff in all year groups, congratulations everyone.
Yours a very proud principal

L Small


SATS Attainment Results

As a parent you will naturally be interested in how well Littleton Green is performing as a School in relation to government strategy and targets set for the primary school sector.

For those parents familiar with the Key Stages and levels of attainment, the following table briefly summarises the key attainment results against the current Department for Education and Skills targets for Key Stage 2 for the last five years.

DfE School Performance Tables


ercentage achieving Level 4 or above in reading, writing and maths


Percentage of pupils who have improved by 2 or more levels in reading, writing and maths.
All pupils
Low attainers
Middle attainers
High attainers
Pupils making at least 2 levels of progress in reading
Pupils making at least 2 levels of progress in writing TA
Pupils making at least 2 levels of progress in maths
Percentage of pupils who achieved level 5 or above in reading, writing and maths
Reading Test
Maths Test
Grammar, Punctuatio
Writing TA
Percentage achieving Level 5 or above


For those parents unfamiliar with the approach to assessment, the following brief information is provided to help you understand the tables.

Currently at primary school level the main attainment indicator is based upon the results of the national tests (the Standard Assessment Tests or SATS) undertaken at Key Stage 2 as part of the national curriculum. Key Stage 2 covers school years 3 to 6 and age ranges 7 to 11 and the tests cover English, Mathematics and Science.

Progress of an individual child at for Key Stages 1, 2 and 3 is measured against a series of eight levels that reference your child's work compared to pupils of the same age throughout the country. For Key Stage 2 the expected level for most children is Level 4. To get a level four in the tests children need to answer correctly approximately half of the questions. Some children will exceed national expectations for 11 year olds and attain a Level 5. To get this level in the tests children will need to answer about 75% of the questions correctly.

The National Curriculum Online web site that provides more detailed information about each subject area, statutory guidelines, attainment targets and the description of the levels against which attainment is measured.

For more information about the national curriculum and the key stages and assessments, you can also follow this link to:
Key Stage Tests provided by DirectGov (web site of the UK Government).

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Woof! School Re-opens.

Just a reminder that school re-opens to pupils on Wednesday 5th September. We hope everyone has had a happy and safe summer holiday. 

We look forward to welcoming everyone back for the 2018/19 school year.

We are PURPLE!!

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