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Detailed below is the links to the planning that is administered and taught in Year 2 Willow class. 

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Proud of their work

Here are some of the best pieces of work from the children and detail about what they have been learning in this academic block. 



Class Blog

The evil Dr plastic

Willow are doing an experiment to see if we can separate materials from another.We used tweezers,a magnet,cupx2,a funnel and filter paper.

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The evil Dr plastic

Willow are learning about sea animals getting killed so we did a experment too separate plastic

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slinky stairs

I built some stairs for my slinky out of books because my stairs are too wide for it to go down.

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Kate Taylor
Well done for using your initiative to solve a problem and get your slinky to work!

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Everything this week

This week in willow for our purple prize we did kick boxing and we all had a go and that is what matters.

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Kate Taylor
Kick boxing is an exciting sport to try and a great way to keep fit, what a great purple prize!

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Hot air ballons

On Saturday I went to Telford to a hot air ballon festival. At school I have enjoyed doing maths.

In maths we have been doing fractions.



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Kate Taylor
The balloon launch was amazing to watch, some were very close to the trees it was very exciting!

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At the zoo

On Sunday I went to Dudley zoo and I saw lots of animals here are some. Tigers,Lions,Ant eater,Giraffes,Linxes and Limas. IT WAS SO FUN!



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Vince K
It's a little lima!

Mrs Jones
Dudley Zoo is a wonderful local place to see and learn all about exotic animals

Excellent picture Cherry! It sounds an amazing day!

Emma Greenwood
Great photograph from the zoo Cherry. Lovely composition, you did really well to get him in the picture!

So glad you had a wonderful time at the zoo Cherry 😁

Nice photos Cherry, I love Lemurs

I like the lions the best! Dudley castle is also great! ❀

Karen Barlow
Ooooh, the looks like a lovely Lemur! Hope you didn’t try to take it home! Xx

Leigh Bowen
Hi cherry! That is an excellent picture. Hope you had an amazing time at the zoo!

Adam Morris
Hope you enjoyed the Zoo. Excellent photography skills.

Matt (Pilko)
Hi Cherry. It looks like you had a wonderful time at the zoo by the size of your and your mum's smiles! Is that a ring tailed lemur? Fantastic photo.

Graham Duffield
Lovely picture!!!! Love the stripey tail!

Graham Duffield
Lovely picture!!!! Love the stripey tail!

Ollie Archer
Hi Cherry, That's an awesome photo of the Lima!! You've just inspired me to book tickets to Dudley Zoo to see all the amazing animals you have seen. Thanks πŸ˜πŸ‘

I'm 30 and I just learned ant eaters are real. Thank you!!

Looks like a fun day, Lima’s are crazy!

Jaysen, Scotland
Amazing pictures Cherry! Should be very proud of yourself! Following in your fathers footsteps already!

I’m sure dad will take you again. It sounds like you loved it x

I like his stripy tail!

Awesome lemur photo cherry! πŸ‘

Chris H
He looks so cool!!

Jay Ward
I love the zoo. My favourite animals are alpacas and pandas. Your photo of the lemur is really cool. πŸ˜€

Kate Taylor
Lovely photo! They were very friendly!

Jamie Taylor
Wow great picture well done! X

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Learning how to use my tablet

I have been taking pictures of me and my Mum together


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This is a lovely selfie that you have taken Cherry 😊

Mrs Jones
Parent time with technology. Good job Cherry

Lynn Walker
A visit to Dudley Zoo, how awesome, the pictures you have shared are great. I especially like the one of you and mommy!

Karen Barlow
Cherry! What a lovely picture of you and mummy! Nice big smiles xx

Gemma Williams
Photographer in the making! Fun and learning is the best! Well done cherry!

Wayne taylor
Great photography cherry.

Viv Taylor
What a lovely photograph of you and Mummy Cherry xx

Mrs Small
So lovely to see you practising your skills with Mum Cherry, well done.

Kate Taylor
The Digital Leaders having the tablet to take home is a great idea and a fun way to learn to use technology.

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