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Detailed below is the links to the planning that is administered and taught in Year 6 Chestnut class. 

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Proud of their work

Here are some of the best pieces of work from the children and detail about what they have been learning in this academic block. 


Class Blog

Big Bang Fair

Last week in yr6 on Tuesday, we went to Big Bang Fair at Staffordshire University. It was a sciene fair ranging from years 3 to 8 from schools in the local vacinity. The main part of it for us was CSI (crime scene investigation) but in my opinion I think the best bit was that on the CSI bus. All of us learnt or discovered something new that they found interesting. We learnt the time behind the crime in yr6!


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Sport's Week

Before half term, year six took part in sports week and on Wednesday and Thursday, Chestnut played Lacrosse, sitting vollyball and blind football. Everyone enjoyed it because we had never attempted them before so we didn't know what was ahead. Lacrosse was fun even for the losing team: although it was very competitive we all joined in and had a laugh. On Thursday we played parlympic sports like blind football - where we wore blindfolds and had a ball with a bell in it so we could listen to its trail. Sitting vollyball was an enjoyable sport for which we had to shuffle on our knees or our bums to try and return the vollyball over the net  to the other team. If it touches the floor the team that last hit it over the net (usually the serving team) gets a point and so-on.


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Lily year6
My favorited was the blind football.

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SATs Sunday

Now you may think that year 6 would hate to come to school on a Sunday… well, you would be wrong! This Sunday, 37 fresh-faced, eager children arrived at school ready to revise and play team games to help them relax and be ready for their challenge ahead. In the morning, Redwood and Chestnut children completed spelling rules, ‘The Great Grammar Challenge!’, maths revision and comprehension challenges and then we all had lunch together…curry: a year 6 favourite! In the afternoon, we played an exciting game of ultimate Frisbee where the staff were definitely more competitive than the children.  It was great fun! Year 6 are currently taking their tests and are persevering even when they feel it is a little hard. Good luck everyone! 

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Last Friday, in P.E, Chestnut were attempting relay and we had a powerful, pacey group of children that could run extremely well. Although it was quite rainy and wet, we persevered - our teachers favourite word - to try our best and stay determined. Most of the participants enjoyed this activity making it easier for our teacher to teach us valuable lessons to make ourselves run faster... longer. We also got in some sticky situations involving passing along the batons. It was especially hard to achieve this as your are running so fast and it is pretty hard to hold back your momentum when flying past people at those speeds because if you did you would trip (or fall) over your own feet. Another reason for this being so challenging is that other teams are so close and eventually they will run into you or the other way round. All in all, it was a fun event and it will get us ready for sports week. Thankyou Ms. Hampson & Mr. Clarey!

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nicola hulls
Nice to see the kids are learning some things, well done Chestnut class you are stars!

Resilience and perseverance learners
This week so far all of Chestnut class have shown their mature Year 6 attitude towards their learning. When confronted with some tough challenges they’ve not dropped their heads but in fact shown their determination to succeed. I’m so proud of you all and keep up the hard work.

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